Traditionals guitar-making practices can be completed and enriched by a technical approach; to better understand how the instrument produces sound, to support with objective data and theoretical models its design and development. To improve performances and reduce defects.
Over the years I’ve published several articles, tutorials and papers on the acoustics of guitars; I am an active member of APLG, The French guitar luthier association, and I periodically holds conferences and webinars.
In this page I collected some of my latest publications of general interest and some of the most innovating and seminal studies that cannot be missing in the bibliography of the curious luthier.

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Mastering the sound of the acoustic guitar

A workshop manual written for guitar makers, that explains how the acoustic guitar works, how to shape the sound it produces and how to measure it in a simple and repeatable way. From tone wood technical evaluation and selection to fine tuning the performances of the instrument during the build or troubleshooting acoustic problems of a finished instrument, such as wolf tones.

Measuring and tuning the performances of the acoustic guitar

Giuliano Nicoletti, 2022

FEM simulations and experimental validation of frequency response prediction for acoustic soundboards

Nicoletti Ausiello, 2021

Misura e messa a punto delle prestazioni della chitarra acustica

Giuliano Nicoletti, 2022

Physics of the guitar

Ian M. Firth, 1976

Simple model for low-frequency guitar function

Ove Christensen, 1980

Mode studies of plucked stringed instruments: application of holographic interferometry

Bernard Richardson,  2010

String Theory

Alan Carruth