I craft acoustic guitars by hands, with an innovative design approach and unique features, to build superior musical instruments.
With more than 25 years of experience as acoustic engineer in the audio industry, I have a profound knowledge of acoustics principles and measurement systems, and I apply this methods to study the behavior of the acoustic guitar, experiment new designs, new technologies and building solutions. The four models in the Iulius Guitars catalogue are completely original and incorporate several innovations, for improved playbility, acoustics and preamplified sound output.

I recently published a manual about acoustic guitar design and measurements, “Mastering the sound of the acoustic guitar“, and I regularly hold webinars and conferences about these topics.
I love to share my knowledge with other builders, exchange experiences and connect with the guitar making community worldwide.
Iulius Guitars is a one-man workshop, therefore a limited quantity of instruments is built each year, usually on order. Please refer to the catalogue on my website or the listings available in my shop online.

Many thanks goes to Maurizio Mazzenga, that is responsible for the graphic design of Iulius Guitars, and to Arnaud Decillia, electronic engineer. Their exceptional expertise is of great help to define many aspects of Iulius instruments, and I am grateful to have the chance to share this passion with such good friends, and to be continually challenged to do my best.
In technologies you will find a glimpse of the major innovations that define Iulius Guitars, and if you are interested to check-out more of the theory behind it you can go to my research page and help yourself with the many articles I’ve published over the years on luthiery and audio, and some good old classic of the literature I’ve selected for you.
My whole life is dedicated to design and build objects that serve the music, just following my inspirations and experimenting new possibilities, without limits or concerns.
Aiming for the perfect instrument, the one that fits your hands and fulfills your soul.

Giuliano Nicoletti