Training & Courses

Throughout my 30-year career in acoustic, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable training experience.

In recent years, I have organized seminars about measurements and tuning tecniques for several international guitar-making organizations, and I eventually decided to offer complete training courses on the technique of measurement, analysis, and optimization of the acoustic guitar; the material I have organized over the years allows me to satisfy a wide variety of pedagogical approaches.


Single video chat (minimum suggested duration of one hour).

80,00 € / hr


Individual full course on acoustic guitar technique (no. 4 video chat meetings, six hours of course + technical documentation and support).

800,00 €


On-site training:

– Setup of a complete measurement system for instruments and tonewood evaluation.

– Theoretical training on acoustic guitars performances and design.

– Theory and practice of tonewood properties.

– Full characterization and measurements of tonewood and acoustic guitar parameters.


Measurement service

– Full evaluation of acoustic instruments with complete report.

– Tonewood samples characterization and report.


Please contact me to evaluate together personalized solutions and quotations.



A selection of webinars about guitar building, follow my activity on my instagram channel. 

Measuring and tuning the performances of the acoustic guitar

A webinar for the European Guitar Builder association that explores the new techniques of measurement and evaluation of the acoustic instrument. Technical parameters that are related to the acoustic performance, sound and timbre of the instrument, which allow the contemporary luthier to benefit from a technical approach in support of traditional instrument making.

Acoustic guitar Tonewood parameters measurement and selection

A webinar for the European Guitar Builders and French Guitar Luthiers associations, from Giuliano Nicoletti of Iulius Guitars. From the rectangular raw sample to the finished instrument, an overview of the available techniques and suggested practices to guide the guitar maker to consistently build the best instruments. Through the different steps of the build, with increasing levels of complexity.