Seicorde is Iulius Guitars take of the nylon string classical guitar. 52mm nut, a delicate 30″ radiused fretboard, overhang neck with body at 13th fret; these origial features improves the playbility and comfort of the instrument, while keeping traditional proportions.  Sound is rich and solid, with outstanding dynamic range and complex harmonics. The Hybrid modal preamp is an optional equipment of this model.

Top                                 Jura spruce

Back and sides          FSC mahogany

Neck                              FSC mahogany

Fingerboard                Crelicam ebony, 30″ radius

Nut                                 bone, 52mm

Saddle                           bone, drop-in

Neck Profile                C shape, 21.5-24mm @ frets 1-9

Frets                              medium 18% nickel-silver

Scale Length               25 1/2″

Bracing Pattern         Fan bracing 

Body Finish                  Shellac

Neck Finish                  Shellac

Strings                           Savarez Cantiga Premium

Body Length                 485 mm

Body Depth                   107 mm

Lower Bout Width      368 mm

Total Length                  1010 mm

Monopole mobility      22

Equivalent mass           45 gr

Mode T(1,1)1                     90 Hz

Mode T(1,1)2                    190 Hz

Mode T(2,1)                     254 Hz

Overhang neck

Overhang neck

For an excellent playbility at higher fret, and maximum fretboard stability

External tuning slot

External tuning slot

The ETS allows to fine-tune the main resonances of the soundboard without removing the strings. To eliminate any wolf notes and play in tune over the whole fretboard.

Hybrid Modal Preamp

Hybrid Modal Preamp

Optional equipment of this model

Alex Sabot plays the Seicorde

This little bossa-nova gem is an original improvisation, on the Seicorde nylon string crossover prototype, by Alexandre Sabot