The pinnacle of tone, playability and versatility. This innovative acoustic guitar fully embodies the essence of Iulius Guitar design approach: the exceptional monopole mobility value of 16.5 indicates a very efficient soundboard for an all-wood bracing system (with just 52gr of equivalent mass). A delicate and expressive tone, ready to be flat picked without entering too quickly in a saturation zone. The first mode is positioned at 90 Hz, for a full bodied sound on the first notes of the sixth string. Monopole resonance at 190 Hz ensures a nice projection on the midrange without sounding muddy or nasal. A lot of sparkling and overtones are ensured by the higher order modes, very evident around 300-900Hz. The back is also bringing color and tone with a smooth presence around 214 Hz, without absorbing too much energy and dynamic. All main modes are perfectly placed between notes, to avoid wolf tones. The Orchestra is designed and carefully crafted to be a versatile and engaging instrument, on a large palette of styles, wonderful to be played thanks to the innovative overhang neck, bent soundboard and missing heel. Simple to be serviced and kept in tune using the ETS system. The tradition of the acoustic guitar is brought into a next generation.


Top                                 Jura spruce

Back and sides          Crelicam ebony

Neck                              FSC mahogany

Bridge                         Crelicam ebony

Fingerboard                Crelicam ebony, 12″ radius

Nut                                 bone, 44.5mm

Saddle                           bone, drop-in

Neck Profile                C shape, 21.5-24mm @ frets 1-9

Frets                              medium 18% nickel-silver

Scale Length               25 1/2″

Bracing Pattern         Hybrid T Fan bracing 

Body Finish                  Glossy nitro

Neck Finish                  Glossy nitro

Strings                           Elixir nanoweb phosphor-bronze 012/053

Body Length                 485 mm

Body Depth                   110 mm

Lower Bout Width      385 mm

Total Length                  1010 98

Monopole mobility      16.5

Equivalent mass           52 gr

Mode T(1,1)1                     90 Hz

Mode T(1,1)2                    190 Hz

Mode T(2,1)                     214Hz

Overhang neck and Drop port

Overhang neck and Drop port

For an excellent playbility at higher fret, and maximum fretboard stability. The drop port bring presence to the low end without the muddy signature of several sound holes.

External tuning slot

External tuning slot

The ETS allows to fine-tune the main resonances of the soundboard without removing the strings. To eliminate any wolf notes and play in tune over the whole fretboard.

Pinless bridge

Pinless bridge

The pinless bridge saves 5 grams of weight (the usual six bone pins), avoid drilling 6 holes through the soundboard (with the acoustic leaks that come within), and realizes a tighter coupling of string balls with the soundboard, for optimal transfer of energy and vibrations.