Studio dei Castagni

During my early thirties, while I was living in Rome, I specialized in musical production at l’Accademia di Musica Romana, and I spent a lot of time recording and producing music.

Eventually I founded the Studio dei Castagni, where I had the chance to record local rock, jazz and folk musicians.

It was a wonderful period, an experience that left a profound mark and taught me so many things about sound engineering, musicians and music production.

And most of all, it planted in me still deeper roots of love for music and its sounds.

One of the most inspiring recording sessions that I still remember today was with Pierpaolo Ranieri’s Wide Open Trio playing live, one afternoon spent over the Tascam M-3500 analogue console, recording into the beautiful pair of Tascam DA-88; how I miss those moments, riding the faders…